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Sales Operations

Managing sales operations is in our genes at Tres Commas; cold-calling, upselling and cross-selling are what we do best.

Support Operations

We provide professional customer support services for global clients across multiple industries.

Recruiting Agency

Talent acquisition for companies.
We are not just looking for employees, we are looking for valuable talent for your business.

Plan, Forecast, & Manage

Let’s create a plan that suits you’re lifestyle & goals


We analyze your business to understand your product or service fully. We identify areas where improvements are possible and develop strategies to strengthen your brand position.


Appoint Talent

Based on our findings, we appoint or recruit talent with expertise in your industry. We develop unique sales and support scripts and train agents until these scripts are second nature.

Start Working

After testing agents skills in a simulated call environment, we are ready to go live! We are now providing 24/7, 365 support and sales to your customers and target market.

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